What If I Have Two Different Sized Feet?

We do not offer pairs of shoes in two different sizes, but please review the following suggestions. If your size difference is greater than 2 sizes, contact the National Odd Shoe Exchange at (480) 892-3484. This organization caters to amputees and can be accommodating and reasonable in terms of selling two different sized shoes.

Some of our retail partners also have similar programs in place: for example, Brown's Catalog will discount 20% off each pair and send you the two different sizes that you need.

Nordstrom has the following policy:

If you have two different sized feet, you will order two pairs of shoes (one in each size, but they must be at least 1.5 sizes different). You will be charged for each pair and will be asked to send back the shoes that you do not need for a credit. If you have the need for only one shoe, a whole pair will be sent to you, and you will be asked to return the unneeded shoe. You will be charged accordingly for only one shoe.
The phone number to call for this program is (888) 282-6060.

LL Bean has the following policy:

LL Bean allows people to order "split sizes"- the size difference can be anything from ½ size difference, and any width difference, to a women's size in one shoe and a men's size in another shoe. They charge 1.5 times the price of one shoe (for example, if one pair is $60, the customer will be charged $90). LL Bean ships the two odd sizes to the customer with no need to return the odd shoes. Both shoes in different sizes must be in stock when the order is placed, because they need to compare the shoes to make sure the colors match before they ship the "split size" pair. Please ask to speak with the Product Support Team when you place the order by calling (800) 441-5713.


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