What If I Have Two Different Sized Feet?

We do not offer pairs of shoes in two different sizes, but please review the following suggestions. 

National Odd Shoe Exchange:

  • Size difference is greater than 2 sizes
  • This organization caters to amputees and can be accommodating and reasonable in terms of selling two different sized shoes
  • Contact number (480) 892-3484

Brown's Catalog:

  • A discount is offered for consumer's with a size difference greater than 1.5 sizes
  • Contact number (800) 728-6247 


  • You will order two pairs of shoes (one in each size, but they must be at least 1.5 sizes different)
  • You will be charged for each pair and will be asked to send back the shoes that you do not need for a credit
  • If you have the need for only one shoe, a whole pair will be sent to you, and you will be asked to return the unneeded shoe
  • You will be charged accordingly for only one shoe
  • Contact number (888) 282-6060 
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