Why Are myNB Rewards Points for My Strava Activities Not Appearing in My Account?

myNB Rewards Points will be added to your myNB Rewards account within 10 minutes of when the activity was posted on Strava.

You can log up to 10 Strava activities per calendar month. If you have already recorded 10 activities, you will start earning points again next month. You can always check your points and details associated with them in your myNB Rewards History.

If you have not yet reached your 10 activities for the month, please check that your myNB Rewards account and Strava accounts are linked (by visiting the My Profile page and scrolling to Connected Accounts). You can connect and disconnect your Strava account from this menu.

You can earn 25 myNB Rewards Points for one public activity per day. Qualifying activities must be tracked using GPS or uploaded manually using the Strava app. Activities must be uploaded to Strava the same day as the activity is completed for myNB Rewards Points be added within one business day.

If a myNB Rewards member is using a Garmin device, they need to download the Garmin (Connect) app and Strava app. Both apps need to be connected and the workout must be tracked via syncing the apps and tracking the device to automatically be filtering through to myNB Rewards. If a workout is added manually in the Garmin app, this information will not be transferred over to Strava and myNB Rewards. The workout will need to be added manually to Strava (via app or computer).

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