How Do I Redeem myNB Points?

To redeem your NB Points, go to the Reward Catalog either on the NB Mobile App or online.

All rewards are listed on your Dashboard. If you've earned enough NB Points to redeem a reward, click the Redeem button next to your desired reward. If you have not earned enough NB Points to redeem a reward, that reward will not be available to you.

Please note that neither redeemed rewards nor redeemed NB Points can be returned.

Once you have selected your reward, you'll be prompted with a message that recaps the number of NB Points that will be subtracted from your account and asks if you are sure if you'd like to continue. If you are sure, click Claim It! If you'd like to change your mind, click the X to the right of the reward.

Redeemed rewards are sent to the email address associated with your myNB Rewards account and are added to your History on your Dashboard. Reward redemption methods vary, but promotional codes for orders from and the NB Mobile App can be added to the Promo Code field during check out.