Wear Questions: Holes Forming in the Materials

Below are examples of why holes may be forming in the mesh of your shoes:

  • The shoe is not the correct length and/or width
    • Holes may form near the toe area if a shoe is too short
    • Holes can also form from the shoe being too wide
    • Holes may develop if the toe box depth is not deep enough
  • The shoes are not the correct size to accommodate an orthotic
    • Orthotics take up space and may not leave enough room for the foot
  • The shoe is being used for the wrong activity
    • For example, using a running shoe designed for forward motion for sports or activities, such as tennis or soccer
    • If a running shoe is used for a team sport such as soccer
    • Check out FAQ What Do the Model Numbers Mean?
  • The shoes have not been used for long periods of time
    • Materials start to dry and weaken over time due to exposure to air
    • Weakened materials may form holes faster than what you have experienced with other shoes
    • Consistent use keeps materials supple and can help prevent premature breakdown
    • We recommend wearing shoes as soon as they are purchased
  • Machine washing or drying shoes

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