Wear Tips: How to Get the Best Value & Comfort From Your Shoes

Our goal is to help you achieve your goals. We realize how important your gear is when it comes to doing your best. Check out the below FAQs regarding wear.

While we cannot guarantee a specific life-span for our products, here are some tips to help you get the best possible experience from your New Balance purchases:

When trying to get the best life and value out of your shoes, consider these topics:

  • How long have I had this shoe?
    • Even though the shoe looks great on the outside, you may not be receiving the best support and cushioning
    • The cushioning typically starts to compress within a few months of consistent wear
    • As this occurs you may not continue to experience the same level of comfort and support
    • If you notice your joints are achy or feet feel tired or sore after wear/activities that were previously completed in comfort, it may indicate the shoes are ready to be replaced
  • How often am I wearing the shoe?
    • Letting shoes sit for long periods of time can cause the glue and foam materials to dry out and not perform as if the shoe were new
    • We recommend wearing shoes as soon as they are purchased, rotating shoes with other pairs of athletic shoes to keep materials supple but allow for the shoes to air out in between wears
  • What activities am I using the shoe for?
    • Using a shoe for its unintended purpose can cause a shoe to wear faster than you may expect
    • Running and walking shoes are designed for forward movements and not recommend for gym workouts or sports such as tennis or soccer
    • Using a style designed for a specific sport, such as soccer or baseball will ensure a longer life of the product and help you perform your best
    • We recommend cross-trainers for gym workouts, weightlifting, and other activities that involve side to side movements 
    • You can walk in any style of shoe, including running shoes or cross-trainers
    • We do not recommend running in walking shoes
    • We recommend running in cross-trainers for short distances only
    • Lifestyle products are intended for casual wear
  • Is this the best size for me?
    • A properly fitted shoe will help you receive the best performance and comfort possible
    • Our feet can change size and shape over the years
    • Different styles can fit differently depending on the intended use
    • A properly fitting shoe should provide about a thumb's width of space between your longest toe and the front of the shoe
    • The laces should run parallel to each other when the shoes are laced and tied
    • When tying shoes, we recommend pulling the laces outward, NOT by pulling the laces up, doing so may cause eyelets or laces to rip or the eyelet may become loose
    • You should be able to get 2 fingers under the laces, the lace should not be too snug or too loose
    • We recommend getting feet measured at least once a year and prior to each new shoe purchase
  • How am I cleaning my shoes?







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