Wear Questions: Inner Lining Falling And/Or Forming Holes

Below are examples of why the inner lining of your shoes may be falling or forming holes:

  • The shoe is not the correct size
    • Generally, if the shoe is a bit large, friction occurs during wear and causes holes in the lining
    • Holes may form in the lining near the heel, around the collar, or near the toe
  • Wearing the wrong shoe for your gait
    • Lack of technology needed to correct over or under pronation may cause friction or stress on the lining of the shoe
  • Stepping on the back of each shoe to take it off, especially without untying or loosening them first
    • Causes friction around the collar and the inside of the heel
    • This stress may also cause the lining to pull away from the upper
  • Machine washing or drying shoes 
    • Loosens the inner lining 
    • Weakens all materials in the shoe

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