When Does NewBalance.com Restock Items?

Don't see your size? Check back again within a few weeks.

Some styles, however, are not restocked because they are limited editions.

If you find a style you like but your size is not available:

  • Check back again within the next few weeks
  • If a style has been discontinued please know it will not be restocked
    • To know if a style has been discontinued, check local and online outlets
    • Discontinued overstock will get allocated to various New Balance outlets
    • Items on newbalance.com that are on a markdown can also indicate that the item is being discontinued/updated
  • If a style has been updated, you may see it listed with a v in the style number
    • Example: 880v7 was updated to the 880v8

Checked back and still don't see your size?

  • The item may be a limited edition style
    • Limited editions will sometimes say they are limited
    • Most lifestyle shoes and/or packs are considered limited editions
  • Most new & restocked styles are replenished during the seasons
    • Early Spring (January-February)
    • Spring
    • Summer
    • Back to School (July-September)
    • Fall
    • Winter 

NOTE: NewBalance.com does not have exact dates for restocking items on site. 


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