Wear Questions: How Long Should a Shoe Last?

When trying to get the best life and value out of your shoes, consider these topics:

  • How long have I had this shoe?
    • Even though the shoe looks great on the outside, you may not be receiving the best support and cushioning
    • The cushioning typically starts to compress within a few months of consistent wear
    • As this occurs you may not continue to experience the same level of comfort and support
    • If you notice your joints are achy or feet feel tired or sore after wear/activities that were previously completed in comfort, it may indicate the shoes are ready to be replaced
  • How often am I wearing the shoe?
    • Letting shoes sit for long periods of time can cause the glue and foam materials to dry out and not perform as if the shoe were new
    • We recommend wearing shoes as soon as they are purchased, rotating shoes with other pairs of athletic shoes to keep materials supple but allow for the shoes to air out in between wears
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