Wear Questions: Using the Right Shoe for the Right Activity

When trying to get the best life and value out of your shoes, consider the following:

  • What activities am I using the shoe for?
    • Using a shoe for its unintended purpose can cause a shoe to wear faster than you may expect
    • Running and walking shoes are designed for forward movements. They are not recommended for gym workouts or  sports such as tennis or soccer, as these activities usually require a lot of side to side and pivoting movements
    • Using a style designed for a specific sport, such as soccer or baseball will ensure a longer life of the product and help you perform your best
    • We recommend cross-trainers for gym workouts, weightlifting, and other activities that involve side to side movements 
    • You can walk in any style of shoe, including running shoes or cross-trainers
    • We do not recommend running in walking shoes
    • We recommend running in cross-trainers for short distances only
    • Lifestyle, Classics and Sport Style products are intended for casual wear
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