How to Check Store Inventory

You are able to access NBUS and NBCA stores by following the below directions:

  • Click the link below (You can also save this to your favorites in your web browser)
  • The store page will look like this

  • You can search on this page by the consumer’s city and state

  • This will show stores in their area. These would be the same New Balance stores that show up in the store locator

  • Click on a store that has in green “See What’s in Stock”. If the store does not have this you will not be able to see their stock
    • Inventory is an estimate, not guaranteed

  • This will take you to the store page. You will need to scroll down and you will see the store’s inventory
    • Inventory is an estimate, not guaranteed

  • When you click on an item you can see what colors, sizes, and widths they may have
    • Inventory is an estimate, not guaranteed



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