Sports Bra Size Guide

To calculate bra size:

  1. Band Size: measure your rib cage directly under the breast – the tape measure should be level around your body – take a snug measurement. Add 5” to this measurement and round down to the nearest even number to determine your band size.
    • Example = 30” + 5”, round down to 34”. Your band size is 34.
  2. Overbust Measurement: measure around the fullest part of the breast – again keeping the tape measure level – the tape measure should not compress the breast.
  3. Cup Size: Subtract your band size from the overbust measurement; if the difference is 1”= A cup,  2” = B cup, 3” = C cup, 4” = D cup, 5” = DD cup  
    • Example = Overbust measurement is 36” minus band size of 34” = 2”, 2”= B cup. Your bra size is 34B.

*Use the chart below to convert your regular bra size into alpha sizing (XS-XL)


*Use the chart below to determine your size for the NB Power X Bra (WB01032 and WB01033)



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